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Craft to a Mindful Life (#1)


This is the first article of a series about Mindfulness and Crafting. Here I would like to share how you can have some mindful moments daily by doing some craft with your hands. This is not a recipe and I am not an expert. I’ll just share my journey to a more mindful life through crafting.

I would like to start with this article on Flow Magazine, De-stressing with Bente. You can read it here.

Like this article on Flow Magazine, this project also started a little bit as an escape from architecture school. Although I love architecture, the school and the degree itself are very demanding emotionally and I, as almost every architect, felt that I needed an escape for all my creative side that I couldn’t or wasn’t able to show in class. It started as a therapy/mindfulness exercise of some type and it became a passion. My grandmother, who was a fashion designer, taught me how to crochet when I was 15 or so. Later, in my 20s I learned to embroider the basics. With my curiosity and my architecture background I began to research and I discovered the Sashiko, the japanese embroidery. I did some works with it and continued to research further.
The crochet was always in the background but I enjoy doing little things. Then I discovered the Tatting Lace. As the time passed by I realized that this technique was very lost in time, and it was very difficult to find people that did it. I learned it from some videos in youtube and here I am, always trying to find new techniques and new ways of doing it. Nowadays I do it more and hope to revive it by teaching new crafters and applique it in a more modern way.

And all these techniques have in common is the hand work. When you are focused on your hand work you have to be mindful. You have to be totally concentrated on what you are doing, counting, checking for threading, and if you start thinking about other things…. ups!… you missed something. You also can’t rush it because if you rush it, you are not focused and something will be wrong. As you are only concentrated on one thing, as opposed to the rest of the day, your brain can relax and creativity flows. I think this is the perfect mindful exercise to take on daily.

Soon I’ll share with you more of my experiences with mindfulness and crafting.

Hope you join me on this journey of crafting to a mindful life!